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WinActivate - strange behavior on activating child windows

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I have something like "misunderstanding" of what is happening with it.

I have some opened windows in GoogleChrome. It consists of some Flash animations on it (3-5 flash apps on one page).

I need to scroll some of them. And then activate. And then use AutoItSetOption ("MouseCoordMode", 2) to navigate through chhosed ones.

Here starts something strange.

I use the command WinActivate ("[CLASS:NativeWindowClass; W:230, H:230]")

But it activates and retuns the 'Handle' not for the needed window, but fot the main window - the page where this is located...


If I just press Alt+tab to swich to another application. And then execute my script:

WinActivate ("[CLASS:NativeWindowClass; W:230, H:230]")

It somehow finds the EXACT "flash window" located on non active and even non visible page... finds it inside the site... activates... and gives me the EXACT correct coords and handle.



If I Alt+tab to that page, make it visible and then run my command - it starts activating the wrong page element...

Please advice.

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