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If Process Exists

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Okay im not sure how to do this but I want to make a program that will work somthing along these lines

while 1 = 1
if processexists ("u1006.exe")then
endprocess ("u1006.exe")
msgbox (1,"Anywhere +", "Sorry you can not run software to avoid company blocks");

how could I do this what would be the code to see if a process exixts and how to kill a process I know I can you a cmd command to kill a process but how can I find if a process is running.

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In the future, if you vaguely know what you need to do but not the exact terminology or method, check the help file first.

Open AutoIt Help File

Click on Index tab

Type "proc..."

- 2nd item shown: ProcessClose

- 3rd item shown: ProcessExists

Click on Search tab

Type "process", click "List topics"

- 5th item shown: Function ProcessClose

- 8th item shown: Function ProcessExists

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