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IE9 Automation Problems

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I am running Win7 64 bit with IE9 and I am running into the problems outlined in this thread. I spent some time tonight going through the various posts to try to understand the current status and the solution, if there is one. The posts give me the impression that the latest BETA should solve the problem (at least if I run IE in compatibility mode). I downloaded BETA and tried the Test routines from earlier in this thread that demonstrate the problem. I have the IE9 browser set to run everything in compatibility mode. The initial routine/reproducer (without IE.au3) runs properly under compatibility mode. The second routine that includes IE.au3 gives an error "Variable must be of type "Object" even if it is compiled with the Beta version. I have similar problems with my own programs. I also tried the code provided in thread: that didn't seem to make a difference.

Can Dale or someone clarify the current status and if any further changes are planned (or if there is some way to bypass this). If there is another thread with more recent info, I didn't see it. I'd really like to get everything working again.

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