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Question with InetRead with IE8

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Hello everyone!

I am trying to get the code of the page with selected address using InetRead() function. The program worked finely until I tested it on a computer with Internet Explorer 8. The problem is that with IE8 the InetRead / InetGet functions do not receive any information from https:// pages with incorrect certificate. The function in this case returns empty result. I added the certificate to IE manually and also added the site to safe list but this didn't give any result. The problem appeared only after IE8 installation (i had checked on different computers and the functions work normally if only IE8 is not installed). Is there any possibility to solve this problem or to come over it in some way?

I have tried to use <winhttp.au3> lib, and this might be a solution, but:

- first of all there is a security problem as the login and password will be submitted to the program which is not good by several reasons (with InetRead i just had to authorize once with IE)

- the second thing is that I still didn't manage to move further then the start page loading - I just didn't really sort out all winhttp functions good enough (

So please advice if there is some simpler way to solve the problem.


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