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How to know active instance in _IEAttach

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How can I know the instance that is active when using _IEAttach ?

For example, I have 2 instances with the same title. When I write:

$oIE = _IEAttach("Program Tittle", "WindowTitle")

it always returns the link to the first instance, but not to the active one

(the one the user has selected to work with)

Can you help?



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Maybe use WinActive() in an If..Then?


I have test it, but WinActive doesn't work with IE instances or I am doing something wrong.

We have 3 instances and we want this script to stop (select) the second one, but it always takes the last, the 3rd.

$i = 1

While 1

$oIE1 = _IEAttach("ProgramTittle", "WindowTitle",$i)

If @error = $_IEStatus_NoMatch Then ExitLoop

If WinActive("[TITLE:ProgramTittle; INSTANCE:2]", "") then ExitLoop

$i += 1


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