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JumpToString (Notepad++)

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JumpToString (Notepad++)

Quick access to Function, #Region, Comments, samples of text.

Samples of text can be added by pressing Ctrl+F11

Thank for nppUDF.au3 asdf8

AutoIt3Notepad++shortcuts.xml (hotkey Ctrl+F12)

<Command name="panel_function" Ctrl="yes" Alt="no" Shift="no" Key="123">"$(NPP_DIRECTORY)..AutoIt3.exe" "$(NPP_DIRECTORY)Instrument_azjioJumpToStringJumpToString.au3"</Command>

JumpToString.7z (290kb, sources + EXE, v0.3, En+Ru)

screenshot-white, screenshot-black



+ Color

+ Saving your settings

+ "Comments"

+ saving deployed the root item or not

+ selection and saving of the font

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Usefull tool ;)

If the script is compiled, the "JumpToString.dll" is not required anymore?

Can you please give the english words for the Func _SelFont() messagebox words.


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