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Parsing a bitmap file...

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Im trying to load and read a monochrome bitmap, get the pixel data, then draw the image in mspaint. Iv got it to work good so far except for that the pixels arnt being parsed correctly

When i draw the image, the pixels seem to be shifted a little bit, i think im not taking padding fully into account.

Func imageData(ByRef $handle,ByRef $headerData)
    Local $8bit[8]

    $offSet     = DLLStructGetData($headerData,"dataOffset") ;offset to pixel data
    $arraySize  = DllStructGetData($headerData,"arraySize") ;size of data
    $rowSize    = DllStructGetData($headerData,"rowSize_pad") ;size of rows with padding
    $row        = DLLStructGetData($headerData,"rowSize")     ;size of rows
    $width      = DLLStructGetData($headerData,"width")     ;image width
    $height     = DLLStructGetData($headerData,"height")    ;image height
    Local $pixelData[$height][$width+1]
    For $y=0 To $height-1
        For $x=0 To $rowSize-1
            For $i = 0 To 7
                If $x == 27 AND $i >= 3 Then
                $val=BitAND($byte,$8bit[$i]) ;Check for each pixel in byte
                $pixelData[$y][$counter]=($val<>$8bit[$i]) ;add pixel to array
    return $pixelData

I had to fiddle with some of the loops and $counter to get it to actually render

And its just upside down because im reading the pixel data upside down.

Does anyone have any idea what is wrong xD






There's no place like ~/

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Ok, i figured out why the lines were all going in the wrong directions, the left most pixel is stored in the most significant bit, so i was basicly reading each byte backwards. I still, however, cant figure out how to get rid of the black bar across the side of the screen.

There's no place like ~/

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