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ObjGet VSSAPI.dll and VSSDatabase class

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Hi friends out there,

I have a functional instance of visual source safe and need to pull files from it using AutoIt. I have done that long ago with VB6 and it worked well.

Some background about the vss dll I am trying to use:

VSSDatabase is a class contained in the dll vssapi.dll, and among its methods and properties, it has

Open([string SrcSafeIni], [string Username], [string Password]) to open the vss database, and

VSSItem(String Spec, Bool Deleted) retuning a class that itself has many methods and properties, including the Checkout method allowing to check items (files) out)

I tried to start with ObjGet this way, the autoIt equivalent of old VB6 "Dim vsdb As New VSSDatabase"

Dim $VSDB = ObjGet ( "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\VSS\win32\vssapi.dll", "VSSDatabase" )

But what is returned is not "of type object", so that when I next run this line

$VSDB.Open ( "\\server1\SoureSafeDB\srcsafe.ini", "me", "mypassword" )

I get this error

Variable must be of type "Object".

There is no typo in the path, or in the name of the class.

Am I missing something? I would appreciate suggestions. Has anyone tried this before with visual source safe?



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