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confusing problem with youtube filter script

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i´m working on a help script for users of "youtube to XX" dl- programms.

Its a small filter compared with current charts etc.

The problem is, that if you use the youtube_filter function with the charts, a problem is appearing with the array "$a_string".

If you use it with inserting your search in the input box at the "search"-page, no error appears - but it uses exactly the same function.

I realiesed that the source code ur getting by using same titles is different, but how can that be.

I hope you can help me :graduated:


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considering that those youtube DL programs illegal i doubt you will get an answer.

and yes i know they are technically legal due to the "OpenSource License" (a gift from god =]) but if i remember correctly, those programs break the youtube EULA.

by all means i support you in your cause, but i doubt you will get any real help as this is more of an IT forum than a toy forum

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