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AutoIt with C preprocessor



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SO, i was playing around with adding a C preprocessor into the SciTE IDE and i thought it became kinda cool.

A package is attached, which hold a small installer and some binary files, that integrates the preprocessor into SciTE along with some syntax stuff, so you can run it right away through F5. It can also uninstall what was installed.

This uses the open source mcpp C preprocessor, which can be found here: http://mcpp.sourceforge.net/

Example of usage (this gets converted to perfect valid au3 code):Posted Image

In case anybody doesn't know what the C preprocessor is:

  • It allows for inclusion of other source files (already supported in autoit through #include)
  • It allows for symbolic constants and small function-like macroes
  • Most importantly, it allows for conditional inclusion through the use of #ifdef, #ifndef and #if
  • It has some other tricks too, some of them explained in above picture.
Known incompatibilities: Empty escape characters ("\") causes the engine to crash, i will look into this... can be disabled in \Autoit\scite\autoitwrapper\pre.ini (remove argument -a, others can btw be added here).

So does anybody feel this is useful? :graduated:

Au3 PP.zip

Ever wanted to call functions in another process? ProcessCall UDFConsole stuff: Console UDFC Preprocessor for AutoIt OMG

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I am unable to execute any of my scripts from within SCITe ...

>"C:\Program Files\AutoIt3\SciTE\AutoIt3Wrapper\AutoIt3Wrapper.exe" /run /prod /ErrorStdOut /in "C:Documents and SettingsTEMPDesktopPhishRunBinary.au3" /autoit3dir "C:Program FilesAutoIt3" /UserParams

!(MCPP) Preprocessing:

> mcpp.exe "C:Documents and SettingsTEMPDesktopPhishRunBinary.au3" "C:Documents and SettingsTEMPDesktopPhishRunBinary2.au3" -I "C:\Program Files\AutoIt3\Include\" -a -P -D AU3VERSION=33718 -I2

>Exit code: 0 Time: 0.419

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