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Reading raw data

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Hi, new to Autoit, but thanks to the forums I've already got a little program scripted to submit forms for me!

One question I have though, and I'm not too sure about, is I want to fill one of the forms with data from a txt file.

The issue is, the data in the file is all just bunched together, separated by a space. Example:

23/10/11 17:35:28 26.3 69 20.2 7.2 11.2 180 0.0 0.0 1012.5 S 2 km/h C hPa mm 94.6 +0.2 29.1 2407.1 13.5 24.4 62 26.3 -1.5 31.8 11:26 26.2 17:13 23.4 12:59 36.7 11:17 1016.1 09:13 1011.4 15:15 1.9.2 1018 19.4 26.3 33.8 1.0 4804.1 37 165 0.0 2 1 0 SSE 762 m 28.7 11.9 114 1

Every space is a new chunk of data. So I'm wondering, how would I go about reading this file and all it's data into separate "array" values(Not quite sure how Autoit arrays work yet)?

For example:

$array[0] = 23/10/11

$array[1] = 17:35:28

$array[2] = 26.3

etc ..

So then when it comes to filling in the forums, I can use something like:

_IEFormElementSetValue ($oForm2, "Here is the current data:" & $array[$0] & $array[$1])

And insert the values?

Thanks :graduated:

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OK, I've managed to figure out out :graduated:

Autoit seems much easier to code in terms of string manipulation than many other languages I've used!

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