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automate touchpad on off state

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I have a samsung NP300v5-a4us with windows 7. To turn the touchpad on and off i have to hit "Fn" "F5". The "Fn" is specific to the samsung keyboard and is not a standard keyboard key. How would I automate this to occur at logon with autoit? Also I have tried other macro recorders but they do not seem to recognize the "Fn" key. Any help would be appreciated. Thx

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Hi and Welcome to the forums!!

The Fn-key is usually handled by the keyboard controller itself, the rest of the computer never sees it.

What you want most likely wont work. Why do you want to do it anyway? Isn't the touchpad in the same state after boot as when you shut down your pc?

Tell us what you want to do instead of how you are doing it and we might be able to give you an alternative solution.

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Each time the laptop reboots it resets the touch pad to the "On" state. I want to disable the touch pad as soon as I log on because I use the laptop to type with and my thumb touches the touch pad and triggers a keystroke combination with the keys I am typing that activates a bunch of undesirable actions, as If I was holding down the shift or control key. To disable the touch pad you have to type "Fn" "F5". I want to automate the "Fn" "F5" key press at log on.

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