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Is there a way to refresh the IE DOM to handle jquery dialogs?

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My AutoIt script can't locate controls in jquery pop windows for which I have many to eventually deal with.

When I open the devtoolbar and try to select the elements on the page, it can't locate the elements either. If you click the refresh button in the devtoolbar, then you are able to select the elements so I'm thinking I need to refresh the DOM some how. I considered opening the devtoolbar and clicking the refresh button as part of my script but that seems a little messy.

Anyone know of a better way?

[EDIT #1] - I tried sending F12, F5, F12 which is the same as hitting the refresh button in the IEDevToolbar but it doesn't fix the problem. The elements aren't visible to AutoIt. I tried re-attaching to the IE instance after the popup form is displayed thinking that would get me the latest DOM but that didn't seem to work either.

[EDIT #2] - I downloaded and installed IE-Builder in hopes that it would help me with this problem and it did... kind of. While playing around with it, it dawned on me that I should check and see if this jquery dialog is in an iframe and sure enough, they were. Not only were they in an iframe but every time I launched that dialog, a new iframe was created on the fly. Fun. :) Anyway, I got myself unblocked.

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