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Automating GUI developed in Java(AWT)

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I wanted to automate an application which is Java based,developed in AWT. When I tried AutoIt Window Info tool on this GUI app, I am not getting valid information. The only Information I am getting is Window Title name and Class name as SunAwtFrame. I was trying to captute Text in this GUI window.

Need help on this.

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Thanks For your Reply..I have tried UDF before posting my question.I dint work for me..

I followed the steps of that post, when I opened java Ferret and checked 'Track mouse events', it didn't update the java objects in the GUI of my java application. Have you or anyone tried installing all these packages and were succesfull doing it and can anyone help? Also my Java GUI has tree structure can it be automated ?

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Hello friends,

I have to come up with a plan for test automation for a product. The product is GUI based and involves working in both Jframes and the windows control panel. I obviously don't have the source code. I was thinking of getting the window handle and doing some record and playback kind of work. The product works on various OS like Linux and Solaris. Is there a concept of window handles in Solaris also? if there is, how to get them and manipulate the selection of buttons etc ?

Thanks and regard

Donald Edna


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