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What About Add A Section On The Site....

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...with AutoIt 3?

Here a good starting point for a list... Of course, only freeware :whistle:

Md5 A command line program to perform md5 checks. (Good with Curl)

Curl A command line downloader. (Excellent with the MD5 checker)

SETX A command line program to set global variables, both local user-only or machine.

PsTool a set of tools to manage nets. Psexec overall is very useful.

RegShot & RegTick RegShot is a program to tweak the registry setting, one as many. But RegTick is excellent program to check registry modification and eventually script them!

Erunt & Ntregopt A couple of program to Optimize and backing up the Registry of NT system.

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Ops... Trid you are right...

Oh well, we can just hope that the mod moves this...

Almost forgetting...

The best couple to fighing Spywares! Use them both, things that one sees are not seen by the other. And vice versa... Want to know more?

SpyBot search and destroy



Shadow A command line powerful data encoder/decoder. It works well.

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Untested, but seems interesting...


WindowHTML is an utility to create Window-like HTML pages. In 2 easy steps, it will create neat-looking windows. I created this page using it. The only thing you have to do is to write the content (but I'm working on this too... ;-). You will no longer have to clip each graphics and create your maps manually. Notes: To change the width of the window, just resize the program window

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MakeScut a 32-bit command-line utility that creates shortcut files (.LNK, .PIF or .URL) for Windows applications.

But I am the only one that wants a one place with all Autoit related programs?

FileCreateShortcut exists to make links...

A URL file looks like an INI file and so they are easy to make using INIWrite...

I've not looked at a PIF file, but who uses PIF anymore, anyway?

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