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window level store & restore

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Any tips how i can get the order of windows? What I mean is the display level of the windows, like window 1 is displayed over window 2 which is displayed over window 5 and window 4 is on top.

I need to create a script that can memorize the level of every window on display and with a keypress restores everything in the same order (which is no problem with WinActivate). A lot of overlapping windows that need to be activated in certain order to keep some parts of every window visible (and when you click one of them, many windows under it are now hidden behind that one and can't be activated without finding them using alt-tab or taskbar)

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Welcome to the forums!

You could use a loop to note the active window, hide/minimise it and then repeat for each window until only the desktop shows. I believe that this would give you the information you need.

If your intention isn't to hide/minimise the windows however then you may find this method less than perfect as you would have to hide/minimise all windows and then restore them, which would give noticeable on-screen flicker...

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