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Print to command line?

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Hey everyone,

I am currently in the process of coding a program for command line use, and I want to be abe to print back to the command line, like this:

Output from my program

Any ideas? Here is what I have already tried: (myprogram.au3)

$MyCommand = 'dir'
Run(@ComSpec & " /c " & $MyCommand, @SystemDir, @SW_Show)
   Run(@ComSpec & " /c @echo off && echo Command completed successfully. && @echo on && pause", @SystemDir, @SW_Show)

The output from this ended up opening three windows, from window 1 (command line) I ran "myprogram" whcih in turn opened another window for the "dir" and yet another window to print back "Command completed successfully." I am looking for a way to do this all in the same window, to write to the active shell so to speak.

Thanks for any help!

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Every time you do a "Run(@ComSpec...", it's going to open a new window.

To write to the console, look at ConsoleWrite(). As the help file says, you'll have to compile your script as a console application.

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