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Help about Devcon to safely eject a USB!

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I'm trying to develope a program to safely eject an USB device. I have tried a lot of way but there was no satisfactory result. I used to consult wraithdu's script here : but that script wasn't work on my Win7 machine, then I heard someone talk about Devcon, then I started to explore it, I have scripted, tested for days and get nothing but errors. I used this command : devcon remove @usb\* to remove all removable devices but here the result goes :

Posted Image

All failed? I have just plugged on two USB Kingmax and Transcend!

I need some professional guys to solve the problem:D Thanks!

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Hi, logmein. As this is an AutoIt forum, not a Devcon forum, have you checked their forum/documentation for the correct commands to use? It appears that the script is doing what you tell it to; you're just being way too broad by telling it to try removing every usb device on your PC. I would suggest you look at the documentation for devcon and what switches are available to you in that program.

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I searched a lot on the internet but there were some small and useless topics about devcon. I know this tool is not belong to Autoit but some experienced programmers can help me? I have spent days for it, I appreciate your help!

Because I don't know which my USB's code is, I try to remove them all:)

Sorry for my bad English!

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