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Sending multiple Fax simultaneously

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Hi !

i have a problem sending multiple fax simultaneously with microsoft FAX.

Here is my configuration:

1 Windows 2003 Server with microsoft fax service installed. two 56K modem fax installed on the server. Ip address of the server is

1 Windows XP SP3 professionnal PC with the shared FAX installed.

When i use the FAX wizard to send a fax from the PC, everything is working. When i send 1 FAX to 2 recipients, all is working too and they are sent simultaneously (there is no fax in queue).

So theer is no configuration or hardware problem, as it works all the time.

Now i made an autoit Script, here is the code:

$objFaxDocument = ObjCreate("FAXCOMEX.FaxDocument")
$collFaxRecipients = ObjCreate("FAXCOMEX.FaxRecipients")

$objFaxDocument.Body = "c:\temp\test.rtf"    ; File to FAX
$objFaxDocument.DocumentName = "Mon fax"     ; Document Name
$collFaxRecipients = $objFaxDocument.Recipients
with $collFaxRecipients
.Add ("0466000001", "Recipient 1")  
.Add ("0466000002", "Recipient 2") 
$JobID = $objFaxDocument.Submit("")
$lCount = $collFaxRecipients.Count
For $i = 1 To $lCount

This code is working i have no errors from autoit, but in the FAX console i see everytime an error "unrecoverable error" (translated from french) see below:


And only the 1st FAX is sent.

I searched everywhere over internet and never found anything related to this error problem.

I found something myself, when i add more recipients, lets say 4 like this :

.Add ("0466000001", "Recipient 1")

.Add ("0466000002", "Recipient 2")

.Add ("0466000003", "Recipient 3")

.Add ("0466000004", "Recipient 4")

in this case the FAX for recipient 1 and 4 are sent simultaneously and the FAX for recipient 2 and 3 Fail with the "unrecoverable error".

So what am i missing in my script ?? seems to be something done too fast that the system cannot handle...

Any Help appreciated !!


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it's for our sales service, we send and receive orders that way for our small customers who don't have a mail in their company...so actualy sending over 200 fax take a lot of time, if i can take advantage of the 2 fax/modem then it will reduce the time per 2....For the marketing we are using emails.

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Just found here something about how to set the outgoing properties with VB and VBS:


Maybe there is something useful here ?


it didn't help...i added this code, it didn't report any errors so i assume the "outgoingqueue" is correctly implemented. But still the same problem...

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i think there is just 1 stupid thing missing somewhere...it works all the time when using the wizard, it should work with my code...but it fails. <_<

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