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Adding a Varible in to run several CMD's in one open window

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Hello all. THanks for all the Help. I have a question about how to add in a varible when I am trying to run mutiple cmd's in one open window.

I found a way to run a few lines in the same window But I can't fiqure out how to add a command with a varible. In the following how would I

add say "Ping " $Current IP and make it work?

CMD = 'Echo 1 && ' & _

'Echo 2 && ' & _

'Echo 3 && ' & _

'Echo 4 && ' & _

'ipconfig /all'

RunWait('"' & @ComSpec & '" /k ' & $CMD, @SystemDir)

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Those aren't really a few lines, it's still a single line statement with multiple commands.

It's better to just have your script write a batch file and execute it using the run command.

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