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I'll add my 2 cents:

$var = 0 is an example of an assignment statement.

In (almost) all programming languages, a single variable must appear on the left side of the equal sign. The right hand side can contain variables or literal strings/numbers.

0 = $var IS INVALID because the left-hand side is not a variable.

$var + 1 = $var is invalid for a simlar reason.

$var = $var is fine, although not very useful. :whistle: [Technical note: $var is being used two diffrent ways in this example. The left $var (L-value) is a variable being assigned to; the right $var (R-value) is a variable being read. Or something like that--I'm a little rusty on all the technical stuff....]

$foo = $bar ;This means take the value stored in $bar and assign it to a variable named $foo.

Hope that helps

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