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Need help on scripting

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Hi !

I've got this line of command and I don't know why the file 'Results.txt' isn't created :whistle: :

RunWait('sqlplus.exe "USER/PWD@INST as SYSDBA" "@Myscript.sql" > "Results.txt"',"",@SW_MAXIMIZE)

If I try to test this line of command in a DOS windows, the file is created perfectly.

Can anyone try to help me please ?

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Redirecting output of a program to a file (>) requires a DOS instance to be called. Try using this:

$cmd = 'sqlplus.exe "USER/PWD@INST as sysDBA" "@MyScript.sql" > "Results.txt"'
runWait(@comSpec & " /c " & $cmd, "", @SW_MAXIMIZE)

P.S. Welcome to the forums! :whistle:

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