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i posted this as a reply for what i think autoit needs, but i feel it got drowned out a bit by the other stuff going on. anyone have any ideas on this?

how about custom classes/methods/whatever...? (havent done much other programming lately, forgot what you call em) Example... for a daoc bot i made (which i will NOT share, so dont even bother asking) i have to have seperate arrays for $Spell_Button, $Spell_Delay, $Spell_Timer, $Spell_Mana, etc. instead, id rather do something like Spell[k].Delay, Spell[k].Button, etc. Have a class.thingy return whatever... example pseudocode:

(note, i lapsed into java type programming, lol. i guess you could either do { and }'s, or method, and endmethod or something..

Class Spell

$delay = 900000 ;900 second buff in daoc

$castdelay = 4000 ;4 second cast delay

$button = "2" ;press button 2 to cast it

method Delay() {return $delay}

method CastDelay() {return $castdelay}

method Button() {return $button }

method LastCast() {return TimerStop($timer) }

method CastSpell()



$timer = TimerStart()



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