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Need help with extracting files!

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I have created a installation program in AutoIT but the installation requires decompression of files with a .pak extension. I have the compression/decompression codes that work with quickbms but I was wondering if I could decompress the files in the program without opening quickbms. If you can't do it in AutoIT could you tell me what programming language and how to do it in that language. (Maybe just make a script in another language that doesn't have any visuals to decompress and look neat.) Thanks!

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Hey xForesightx :)

Welcome to our forum,

I have a suggestion for ya, how about FileInstall()? I don't fully understand the requirement for a .pak extension, so I could be off base. But it basically compiles the extra files with the source code.. .and can later be extracted by the script and put where ever needed!

FileInstall ( "source - where the file is on YOUR computer", "where you want it to go when the program is ran" [, flag - 1 will overwrite existing, 0 will not.] )

If this doesn't do the trick for you, just let me know some more information and we'll go from there :).

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