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Maintain focus on a particular GUI

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I am trying an simple installer script.

My Scenario :  1) run the script on remote server / local machine to install the software

                        2) script accesses a remote location to search for setup file -> starts installation

                        3) All works well as long as I do not click any other area on the desktop

                        4) Problem is as soon as a minimize the remote session, focus on the installer window is lost and script is stuck ( I am using WinWaitActive function to track the GUI events and send response


Any suggestion on how to keep the script running even if I minimize my remote session ?


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It sounds as you're using a lot of Mouseclicks, which need window focus (hard to tell since you didn't post any of your code). If this is indeed the case, look into using ControlSend or ControlClick, which will alleviate this issue. Or, better still, determine whether the application supports a silent install and do it that way.

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Hi JLogan3o13,

Here's what I am trying to do,

Func install_client($full_build)
    $winDirectory = "<ip-addr><main><sub1>" & $main_branch & "EB" & $full_build & "Disk1"
    Run("Explorer " & $winDirectory)
    ;Multiple installations of this application have been detected
    if WinWaitActive("UnInstaller-v1 " & $full_build & " EB", "Multiple installations", 5000) <> 0 Then
         log_msg("Existing installation Detected")
        log_msg("No Existing installation")
    _WinWaitActivate("UnInstaller-v1 " & $full_build & " EB - Setup","")
    _WinWaitActivate("UnInstaller-v1 " & $full_build & " EB - Setup","")
    WinWaitActive("UnInstaller-v1 " & $full_build & " EB - Setup","Setup Completed", 3000)
    _WinWaitActivate("Setup progress","")

While 1
    $msg = GUIGetMsg()
        Case $msg == $in_button
        Case $msg == $install_build
            ;$start = TimerInit()

            For $i = 1 to $total_available
                If GUICtrlRead($checkbox_available[$i]) == $GUI_CHECKED Then
                    log_msg("Installing " & $array_available[$i])
                    log_msg("Installed " & $array_available[$i])
            ;Force reboot the machine
            If GUICtrlRead($check_reboot) == $GUI_CHECKED Then


No Mouse clicks are involved here but only keyboard presses.

Is there any other way to simulate the button presses/ checkboxes/ radio buttons?

Also as you see, there are numerous windows in the installation process and I need to keep focus on these windows even if I minimize my remote session.

Any suggestion on how to do it / any alternative ?

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