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BlinkStick support for AutoIt

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I'm really not sure if this is the right forum to post this, but I have created a library for BlinkStick. BlinkStick is an open source smart USB RGB LED pixel kit the size of a USB flash drive. Esseintially it's a controllable RGB LED light for your computer. You can find more details about it at http://www.blinkstick.com.

I was recently asked to add BlinkStick support for AutoIt and I implemented it as a reusable script. You can find more details about it on the Github repository:


In addition to AutoIt, BlinkStick has support for Processing, Node.js, Python, Microsoft.NET and Ruby. It's also hackable, so you can attach it to IKEA Dioder and controll a full set of LED strips.

I imagine that with AutoIt you can create notifications from closed source Windows applications so hopefully somebody may find this library useful.



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