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I made a program where you enter a filename and enter a path to the file and it stores it in a .dat file. Then the button to run it reads the lines in the .dat file and assigns the filename to a variable and the path to a variable then gets the run command to run it, looks like this:

Func ShortC()
    $Path = Inputbox( "File Path", "Please enter path of file" , "Path" , "" , -1, 75, -1,-1 )
    FileWriteLine("ShortCut.dat", $Path)
    $File = Inputbox( "File", "Please enter filename" , "File" , "" , -1, 75, -1,-1 )
    FileWriteLine("ShortCut.dat", $File)
Func F6()
    $Path = FileReadLine("ShortCut.dat", 1)
    $File = FileReadLine("ShortCut.dat", 2)
    Run($File, $Path, @SW_MAXIMIZE) 

The run command doesn't like to to read the variables, what can i do??

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You should really verify to make sure the data is a valid path. Also, the run command will only launch executable file types. If the files are not of .exe (Or .bat) type, you'll have to start it through a command line such as:

Run(@ComSpec & " /c " & $File, $Path, $SW_HIDE)

SW_HIDE hides the DOS window.

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