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I want it to make it so if I am booted from the game, like i get disconnected It will stop the loop, I am using the While 1

Wend loop...

But if it gets disconnected I want it to stop taht loop... this is for Diablo II in case anyone is interested...

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problem with that is that the window wont close, itll just get disconnected and the window stays up... but good idea...

I know nothing about Diablo,

Does the game give any indication when you have been disconnected, if it does you may be able to find a way for AutoIt to work with this in your script.

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How do I do that pixel thing? I am kinda slow when it comes to stuff like this... I just taught myself how to do what I have done so far, and that was in the last 2 days... Anyway thanks for the help please keep posting ideas/code/script/how to do them etc peace and thanks

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