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Ok i have a problem generating script for the following function and require assistance from the community please.

Have the following line:

<img src = "http://192,168.2.2/image.cgi?img=err01.raw&type=1&scale=4&bits=4"

If I save this in an html file and run it it opens internet explorer and displays the gif image called err01

If i copy and paste this on the address bar of internet explorer it asks if i want to save the file.

Anyway my problem is i am trying to get this image file for use on my gui.

I have the following code:

$form1 = GuiCreate("Form 1", .....)

$pic1 = GuiCtrlCreatePic("",.........)



GuiCtrlSetImage($pic1, ******* )

And here is where i am not sure, do i have to call some sort of html or what to get the image at the address to be displayed as pic1?

I have tried $img = <src img........>

and then used $img where the asterisks are, i have tried with and without quotes, but am unsure exactly how to write the code to do this.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Thanks and have a great day


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Ok maybe was not quite clear here so will post what i have done so far and what i am trying to accomplish.

First off i have this high speed camera system, in order to get an image from the camera you use the address from posted above.

If I just type that into the address bar of IE, Chrome, or Firefox it comes back with a message box asking if i want to open or save the file, either way i get the image and it is saves in the temp folder.

Now if i create an HTML document and put in the <src img = "http:"> listed above and i run this html document it does open the browser and then displays the image just fine. No message box asking to save or open image.

So what i would like to do is using autoit code open this image, assign it to a variable, and display it in a gui. Hell at this point i would be willing to download the image, without operator intervention and just open it that way. Not sure which would be the best way. But either way i need help with my code. So here is what i have so far. Not sure how to put it into the nice format that so many people post here.


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your first example should work, you have to download the image if you use GuiCtrlSetImage

$img = GUICtrlCreatePic("", 3, 3, 300, 300) 
GUICtrlSetImage($img, @ScriptDir&" \temp.gif")

try downloading the image with inetget or _INetGetSource

inetget("",@ScriptDir&" \temp.gif",1)


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