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What is the latest beta?

I installed one but it doesn't work..:s

You can find the latest Beta Here

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I believe FileInstall() is available in the release version.

Local $TempFile = @TempDir & '\TempFile.exe'

; First parameter refers to location of file on computer where script is compiling
; Second parameter refers to location to extract the file on computer where script is running
; Second parameter can contain macros/variables
FileInstall('C:\Program Files\IncludeMe.exe', $TempFile)

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Can you Include .exe ?

Thanks Scanzee Products <Scanzee@hotmail.com>

You will find that taking the time to read the Help file that comes with AutoIT will answer most of your questions, including the ones that you have already posted in this and other threads. It is extensive, contains examples for most commands, and even has a search facility.
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