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Early StackTrace function library... small "issue" with @ScriptLineNumber

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Hi community, hi Jos,

related to https://www.autoitscript.com/trac/autoit/ticket/3251 I'd like to share my current StackTrace library.
Though I'm using AutoIt now for some months, I still consider myself a newbie ;)

The "issue" I have is to make stack tracing function calls as simple and lightweight as possible.
Currently I'm only a little stuck with how @ScriptLineNumber gets replaced in Au3Stripper with option /rsln for compiled scripts.

I don't want to specify @ScriptLineNumber in all trace calls (that is my current "work-a-round"), as it looks ugly and don't give
any benefit than helping Au3Stripper to replace the line number with the value I want to have.

I do think only why to fix that in Au3Stripper is to replace all optional function values with its defined value in function declaration, or?

Happy to read some feedback & comments :)

Attached my current StackTrace.au3 library with tests enabled at bottom of script file.

Cheers - Cosote (mybot.run developer)



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