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How to use myScript.au3 on a file in Windows File Explorer?

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I dowloaded AutoIt3 and I'm just getting to know it. Greetings to all the forum community and wish you every success.
I searched over a hundred pages of the forum and help files but I have not found an answer to a very basic question:
How I can get a script.au3 run on a file selected in Windows File Explorer using the context menu?
I can put in the "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\a3xFile\shell\myScript\command" Windows Registry the key value '@ = "D:\\MyMacros\\AutoIt\\myScript.au3 %1" ', but, How I define the parameter in script so it can be executed in the context menu of Windows File Explorer?
I reviewed the topic 'AutoIt Help\Using AutoIt\Running Scripts\Command Line Parameters' but that lets you run only from another script, always within AutoIt.
        Can anyone give me a link where to find this help or easier, give me an example of a few lines of definition of a script to be run from the Windows File Explorer on  any file (% 1)?

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Sorry about my ignorance, but 'Home > IT Administration > Windows Client ' is not a thread? If it is not, Why are there many threads? If it is not, then I do not know where to ask ...
I also apologize for the double figure, but I can not find on page how to edit my post to delete one graphic ...

Using your own words, It's very difficult for me to know how stupid I can would be...

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