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Hi.  I have written quite a few scripts to control websites with both Firefox and IE.  I'm having to update one now and this checkbox list is giving me issues.  Attached is the screenshot, along with the HTML and the code I'm trying.  Nothing seems to work.

Here is some of the HTML for the checkbox list

<input id="frmSearch:scmRegion_focus" name="frmSearch:scmRegion_focus" type="text" readonly="readonly" /></div><div class="ui-helper-hidden">

<input id="frmSearch:scmRegion:0" name="frmSearch:scmRegion" type="checkbox" value="01" data-escaped="true" />

<label for="frmSearch:scmRegion:0">First Circuit</label><input id="frmSearch:scmRegion:1" name="frmSearch:scmRegion" type="checkbox" value="02" data-escaped="true" />

<label for="frmSearch:scmRegion:1">Second Circuit</label><input id="frmSearch:scmRegion:2" name="frmSearch:scmRegion" type="checkbox" value="03" data-escaped="true" />

<label for="frmSearch:scmRegion:2">Third Circuit</label><input id="frmSearch:scmRegion:3" name="frmSearch:scmRegion" type="checkbox" value="04" data-escaped="true" />

<label for="frmSearch:scmRegion:3">Fourth Circuit</label><input id="frmSearch:scmRegion:4" name="frmSearch:scmRegion" type="checkbox" value="05" data-escaped="true" />

Here are a few of the lines I've tired:

        _FFFormCheckBox("frmSearch:scmRegion", True, 0, "name") 
        _FFFormOptionSelect("frmSearch:scmRegion:0", "id", "02", "value")

        _IEFormElementOptionSelect ($oSelect, "02", 1, "byValue")

        _FFFormOptionSelect("frmSearch:scmRegion:1", "id", "02", "value")


This one is strange because I'm not sure how to get a handle on it to set the value.  Is it a selection box or a checkbox?  Nothing seems to work.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.







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Well, that will make all the difference in the world.  Now another change this website made to me was that they now popup results in a window.  Is there a way to grab this window, read the page and dismiss it?  I know in IE I could grab a handle to it.  


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