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Launching several autoIT scripts

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Hi all,

I'm using the IE.au3 UDF in my scripts.

But when I'm launching several compiled scripts, IE is crashing.

How can I lauch several compiled scripts using the same UDF ??



i've never had a problem with it. are you having each create it's own instance of IE? also, are the scripts each downloading something? the reason that i ask that is because there is a default limit of number of allowable downloads (i think it's 5) and i'm not sure if IE crashes if you force a 6th. i know that the limit is stored in a registry key somewhere, but don't remember where. You'll be able to get better help after posting some of your code... also, you want to make sure you have all of your updates and patches installed for IE
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thats most likely the problem

your compiled scripts probably have the same object name

$oIE = _ObjectCreate()

then the controls are sent to that object... thus many objects with the same name would eventually crash



you're right !!!!

thanks a lot for your help

Thanks to cameronsdad too.



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