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Autoit and .NET

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Ok let me start with the obvious, i am very much a beginner at just about any programming language. Be it .NET, VB, Python, Autoit, whatever

So what i am doing is reaching out to community here to find out if this is even remotely possible. I am thinking not, but figured why not ask those who know much more than i do and see if this can be done or if i am just peeing up the proverbial rope.

So off of ebay i purchased a DM200 vision camera which attaches to my PC via ethernet. And i have a small gui app that i have written. well out of the camera you can request via .NET the live image that is being seen by the camera, i want to be able to incorporate this live image into my autoit gui,

Here is the link to the SDK for the camera


The file name for the SDK is 

DataMan DMCC.NET SDK v5.0.8.0

DataMan DMCC.NET SDK v5.6

Either one should have the same connection capabilities according to cognex

So could someone tell me please if it is even possible and to help me along i would greatly appreciate it

  Thank you for your time and patience.




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@mrtweaver just to clarify, you already have the live image script done, correct? You're just wanting to embed the viewing window into your AutoIt GUI?

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