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    • By Blois
      Hello guys,
      I'm having a problem reading Outlook when I use #RequireAdmin, as far as I understand it, it can not read the Outlook Profile that is configured from the user running the application.
      I need to run some parameters with #RequireAdmin after it reads Outlook.
      $oOutlook = _OL_Open() If @error <> 0 Then Exit MsgBox(16, "OutlookEX UDF: _OL_Open", "Example Error" & ". @error = " & @error & ", @extended = " & @extended) This retunr is @Error=1
      Can you help me?
    • By water
      My computer has been upgraded from Office 2010 to Office 2016.
      Are there any features of Office 2013 or Office 2016 which you now want to see in the Excel, Word or Outlook UDF?
    • By Happy82
      I am trying to access the inbox in my outlook. I have 2 inbox. One is associated to my name. Another one is shared inbox between 3. I am able to read/write emails on both the inbox.
      I am using the following code
      #include <OutlookEX.au3> Global $oOutlook = _OL_Open() Global $aFolder = _OL_FolderAccess($oOutlook, "\\Expense Reports\Inbox", Default, Default) If @error Then MsgBox(0, "Error", "Error Accessing Inbox: " & ":" & @error, 5) Exit Else MsgBox(0, "Success", "Success Accessing " , 5) EndIf _OL_Close($oOutlook) it gives me the error code 1.
      Instead of "\\Expense Reports\Inbox" if i use "*" which points to my inbox it works.
      I have access to the folder \\Expense Reports\Inbox. I can read/write the emails from that folder.
      Any help .......
      Also if i change "*" to "\\angamuthus@xxxx.co" which is my actual root folder. I still get the error 3: Error accessing specified folder.
      Can some throw some light on this......
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