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Enabling option which can be found as Hidden text or Visible text on the AU3Info.

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Hi Guys,

I want to enable an option called "Properties".

1st I need to confirm whether "Properties" is enabled or disabled, then I should enable "Properties".

In "Properties" a sub item called "Text Strings" is there. That "Text String" I have to select.

I tried the below script. I'm not getting. 

Is anything I did wrong...!

Opt("WinDetectHiddenText", 1) ;0=don't detect, 1=do detect
$pPos = ControlGetPos("Title","","BCGPTabWnd:40000000:10" & "1")
$Line = WinGetText( "Title" , "Properties")

Opt("WinTextMatchMode", 2) ;1=complete, 2=quick
$tPos = ControlGetPos("Title","","AfxWnd90u" & "5")
$Item = WinMenuSelectItem( "Title", "Properties", "Text String")
Send( "Text1")

I'm using this code in between my actual script. Is it correct approach..? I need clarification plz

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Slow down please ... bumping within 24 hours isn't polite.... and post enough information so people can actually understand what you are doing.


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