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Fail ( ControlSetText ) With Scite, Help Me if you can :)

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The Scintilla Editor checks after each letter whether a macro or a syntax proposal should be edited.
Controlsettext is therefore interrupted after the first letter.
Whether this is an error or a feature remains an open question.
But surely it does not make sense to replace the code with 'Controlsettext ()'.
Here is a small example to illustrate the difference between Send (), Controlsend () and Controlsettext ().

$iSleep = 2000    ; change here to change display delay

$hWnd = WinWait("[CLASS:SciTEWindow]")

Send("{down 50}{up 1}")   ;  Position cursor to the penultimate line
Send("H")   ;  See the popup of syntax suggestions
Send("E")   ;  See the popup of syntax suggestions
Send("L")   ;  No  popup since no matching suggestions
Send("^z")   ;  undo changes

ControlSend($hWnd, "", "[ID:350]", "^a")   ; mark all
ControlSend($hWnd, "", "[ID:350]", "HELP") ; send HELP
ControlSend($hWnd, "", "[ID:350]", "^z")   ; undo last input   HELP becomes H
ControlSend($hWnd, "", "[ID:350]", "^z")   ; undo last input   changes H to original code

ControlSetText($hWnd, "", "[ID:350]", "HELP")    ; clear edit control and send HELP
; On first charater scitilla interupts and shows H

ControlSend($hWnd, "", "[ID:350]", "^z")   ; undo change and restore code

;~ Please do not delete this last line.


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