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im using this statement to get a specific content between two tags:


It works fine. But now i have to add a functionality, because it can happen, that after "<resource" another tags comes up, but the regex should ignore it

the content can be like this

<resource mytag="xy">xy:/resources/xyz/123</resource>

what do i have to change to my rule, that is has something like

StringRegExp($content,'<resource I_DONT_CARE_WHAT_STANDS_HERE>xyz:/resources/([^<]*)<\/resource>',3)

any ideas?

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just a stab:


Post a runnable test script when you want it confirmed as I am way too lazy to have to type that myself. ;) 


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You might try to do it backwards  :)

#Include <Array.au3>

$content = '<resource>xy:/resources/xyz/123</resource>' & @crlf & _ 
        '<resource mytag="xy">xy:/resources/xyz/456</resource>'

$res = StringRegExp($content,'([^/]+)</resource>', 3)
; or this, depending of the expected result
; $res = StringRegExp($content,'([^/]+/[^/]+)</resource>', 3)



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