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I'm new here and please help me migrate this example of .bat in autoit

@echo off
echo Wait ...
taskkill /IM "ipsecc.exe" /t /f >nul 2>nul
ping -n 5 >nul
start "Connecting..." /min /b "%ProgramFiles%\ShrewSoft\VPN Client\ipsecc.exe" -r "PROFILE" -u USERNAME -p PASSWORD -a >nul 2>nul

thank you in advance
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Help file says:

RunAs ( "username", "domain", "password", logon_flag, "program" [, "workingdir" [, show_flag [, opt_flag]]] )

So you're trying to run nothing with user ipsecc.exe with domain d:\program files... :)

don't know the program you are using, but 

#include <process.au3>
_RunDos('"D:\Program Files\ShrewSoft\VPN Client\ipsecc.exe" -r "PROFILE" -u USERNAME -p PASSWORD -a')


ShellExecute ("D:\Program Files\ShrewSoft\VPN Client\ipsecc.exe", '-r "PROFILE" -u USERNAME -p PASSWORD -a', ""D:\Program Files\ShrewSoft\VPN Client\ipsecc.exe")

should be the right direction.

Any of my own codes posted on the forum are free for use by others without any restriction of any kind. (WTFPL)

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