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These couple of apps, trap specific windows containing specific text and then send a message back to the server where if you have radmin installed and configured can start a remote access control connection.

Configurable windows can be searched for.

The ini files are renamed .ini.txt because I couldn't upload ini files.

View the readme for more information.. requires beta functionality

Used some of AutoIT Smith's TCP code.. so big thanks to AutoIT Smith :lmao:

Edit* added the ability to use high or lores on remote connection in radmin as high colour was too slow over a dsl connection





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It looks great. However so much of the same thing has been posted that some just forget about TCP posts. Find something unique like AutoIt ITS, which is one of my projects. I do like it much, I just can't apply it too most of what I need or do.

You deserve much praise for this work!


AutoIt Smith

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Attached some newer versions for anyone who is interested.

Has 10 retries if not successfull connection and notification of unsucessfull connection (tool tip) and also ability to send to multiple machines.

You can use locolour if using over the internet with Radmin and a MsgBox time out is configurable on the server end

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