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Hi there I would like to open browser called MxMitro reason why I want this browser beacuse he is pepflashplayer plugin and fast browser.

I can open browser like this when browser and script in same folder

Run(@ScriptDir& '\MxNitro.exe')

But it just uses as a application can I use it as like other browsers and do like this ?

$oIE.Visible = 1
$oIE.Left = 0
$oIE.Top = 0
$oIE.Width = @DesktopWidth
$oIE.Height = @DesktopHeight
$oIE.Navigate ( "https://www.google.com" )

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Hi, @Miralyon welcome to the forum. If you are using the IE UDF, $oIE is specifically the Internet Explorer object; you cannot use the same parameters for any other browser. You might want to look into the UIAutomation thread (below) for this browser.


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although the post above is indeed the right way to go for automating programs that do not offer API or any other scripting or automaton capabilities, for this topic specific example you might be satisfied with simple WinMove() for positioning the window or WinSetState() for maximize the window, and passing the desired URL as a command line argument for navigation.

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