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How do i generate Control Command function in C# application for automation?

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Hello dear forum members.

I am building a program with Visual Studio C #, but I could not build and do a function that I easily made in AutoIT in C # programming language.

My autoit function is

Func sendCommandForThis($komut)
    $title = "Program Title"
    ControlCommand($title, "", "Edit1", "EditPaste", $komut)
    ControlSend($title, "", "Edit1", "{ENTER}{ENTER}")

My C# function is

IntPtr zero = IntPtr.Zero;
for (int i = 0; (i < 60) && (zero == IntPtr.Zero); i++)
    zero = FindWindow(null, title);
if (zero != IntPtr.Zero)


As I said, the function I did on C # is not healthy enough, I have listed the codes.

How can I do the same for C # as Autoit ControlCommand function that sends code to another program in the background? 

Thanks for everyone.

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You clearly didn't read the forum rules I pointed you to: 

this is the exact same question with some minor changes. Consider this your final warning!


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