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Using Socket.IO (WebSocket) within AutoIt- PleaseHelpforCash

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Trying to use Socket.Io in Autoit.
To fetch prices fore few tickers from a Stock Brokers provided API.

The documentation style they have provided seems favored towards Python users.

I am able to do tasks using WInHttpRequest :
like generate authorization login token , placeOrder , GetOrderBook etc.

But for fetching prices , which change every moment , they use the concept of WebSocket.
I need to update these prices every second into my array.


Broker Documentation Links (Socket section) :

GitHub Broker :

Useful Links : Library of Socket.IO for Autoit

I understand the Forum policy is to lock the thread and Interested people can contact via DM or G mail to my user Id.
But before locking the thread , if there are any other places / means to seek assistance - please advise.
I couldn't find dedicated Autoit Experts on Freelancer - hence chose to post in this forum which has many Autoit Experts.


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