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How to add Multitask UDF to existing .au3

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Hi all guys, 

first of all, I also replied to @Chimp who created the Multitask UDF into #Example Script channel, so please don't blame me for this double post :)


I developed (supported by @Danyfirex) a tool to real-time monitor certain crypto assets, as in the image.

Right now I simply cycle 

	For $i = 0 To $MaxPairs - 1
		_RealTimePublicValue($s_TradingPlatform, $a_Pairs[$i][0], $a_Pairs[$i][1], $i)


Func _RealTimePublicValue($s_TradingPlatform, $Crypto, $LocalValue, $index) ; OHLC
	If $s_TradingPlatform = "Crypto.com" Then
		Local $pstring = $Crypto & "_" & $LocalValue
		Local $sResult = CryptoQueryPublic("get-ticker", "instrument_name=" & $pstring) ;Ticker
		$ask = _StringBetween($sResult, '"a":', ',')
		If IsArray($ask) Then
			$last = _StringBetween($sResult, '"a":', ',')
			$High = _StringBetween($sResult, '"h":', ',')
			$Low = _StringBetween($sResult, '"l":', ',')
			$Change = _StringBetween($sResult, '"c":', '}')
			_send("Pair " & $pstring & " not allowed, change currency", $giallo)
		_WriteToGui($pstring, $last[0] - $Change[0], $High[0], $Low[0], $last[0], $index)
	ElseIf $s_TradingPlatform = "Coinbase Pro" Then
		Local $pstring = $Crypto & "-" & $LocalValue
		Local $sResult = CoinbaseProQueryPublic("GET", "products/" & $pstring & "/stats") ; Stats
		$opening = _StringBetween($sResult, '"open":"', '"')
		If IsArray($opening) Then
;~ 			$opening = _StringBetween($sResult, '"open":"', '"')
			$High = _StringBetween($sResult, '"high":"', '"')
			$Low = _StringBetween($sResult, '"low":"', '"')
			$last = _StringBetween($sResult, '"last":"', '"')
			_send("Pair " & $pstring & " not allowed, change currency", $giallo)
		_WriteToGui($pstring, $opening[0], $High[0], $Low[0], $last[0], $index)
EndFunc   ;==>_RealTimePublicValue

and use _WriteToGui() to write all data into the GUI.

In this way the process is done in sequence. I would like to have it done in parallel for all my assets, since I would like to perform other actions (i.e. selling or buying) and now I have to wait all the cycle to complete. This leads in being stuck waiting the cycle. And it's not immediate since the call to Exchange may cost around .2 to .5 sec each pair i look for.

Thanks all for the support,




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