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Run/RunWait syntax

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Guest jjakober

I am trying to execute the following exe using the run command:

\\bloomsday\csav$\techtest\setup.exe /d ADV_CMDLINE="/t custom.mst" transforms=custom.mst NO_GUIAPPS=1

This is the syntax I use to execute it from the command prompt, but how do I format the syntax to execute it with the run command??

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


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try this:

run('\\bloomsday\csav$\techtest\setup.exe /d ADV_CMDLINE="/t custom.mst" transforms=custom.mst NO_GUIAPPS=1')

Command line arguments with " are something that gets you the first time. AutoIt's run command wants to enclose the arguments in quotes, so you can do the double quote thing, or I find it easier to enclose it in the single quote '


run(' my.exe /myarg:billybob="Handwash" /s /o /bill "c:\bobs big boy\dinner.txt"   ')
or double quote version.
run("my.exe /myarg:billybob=""Handwash"" /s /o /bill ""c:\bobs big boy\dinner.txt"")

double double quotes confuse me :whistle:

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