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Guest pfrank


i want to control my internet browser by Autoit. Its no problem to use the mouseclick option to press buttons and links but its always dependend on the size of the windows...

I now wanted to use controlclick but i dont know how to do it.

I tried someting like that

$flag = ControlClick("Title", "Link", "ClassName","button")

MsgBox(1, "Flag" , $flag , 1) - only for debugging

and i used the following values:

Titel = well just the title of the window - (OK)

Link = Well i tried the Link Name and the link itself e.g. http://www.mylink.com

ClassName ="IEFrame"

button = "left" (OK)

So it looks like the Link or the ClassName is wrong...

I really would appriciate any help



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it's not broke, it just doesn't do that. things on pages aern't the kinds of controls that autoit recognizes. if you mouseover it and window spy shows a control name that differs from having your mouse over any other part of the page, then it'd work....

rtfm, it doesn't say anything about a "link" parameter for controlclick.

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