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Command Line Encrypter, Idea

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As trids command I post a link to the 448 bytes cypher, IDEA:


And also a short example with a code that uses it.

It is intended that you already FILEINSTALL() the program with the name of IDEA.COM

$pass = "what you want";Max 128 chars
$filename = "c:\this is an example\e.txt";The file to encrypt
$mode = "+";or "-" usually + is used for encrypt, - for decrypt but it can be vice versa.
Run(@comspec & " /c echo " & $pass & "|idea.com " & $mode & " " & FileGetShortName($filename),"",@sw_hide)
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Since this program crypt the file "on-the-place" it may be also used for secure deletion.

Like this way:

$FILENAME = "C:\this is a\example\do you see.txt"
$TIMES = 100;higher means more secure

;The real program...

;Step 1 - crypt/decrypt the file to prevent readability of the content.
For $C = 1 To $TIMES
   $PASS = Int(Random(5, 101))
  ;The pass can be long 5 - 100 chars

   $PASS = _RandomText($PASS)
  ;and it is a random sequence of maiusc or minusc letters (see the func)

   If Random() < .5 Then
  ;as Random() result Idea may decryp or crypt
      $MODE = "+"
      $MODE = "-"
   Run(@ComSpec & " /c echo " & $PASS & "|idea.com " & $MODE & " " & _
FileGetShortName($FILENAME), "", @SW_HIDE)
  ;(de)cryption it self

;Step 2 dividing filename and path
For $C = StringLen($FILENAME) To 0 Step - 1
   If StringMid($FILENAME, $C, 1) == "\" Then
      $FILE = StringTrimLeft($FILENAME, $C)
      $FOLDER = StringLeft($FILENAME, $C);Now ($folder & $file) is the full path

;Step 3 rename the file in order to avoid readability of the name.
For $C = 1 To $TIMES * 2 
   $NEWNAME = _RandomText(Int(Random(10,41)))
   FileMove($FOLDER & $FILE, $FOLDER & $NEWNAME, 0)

;Step 4 deletion of the strangely named wastes.
FileDelete($FOLDER & $FILE)

Func _RandomText($N)
  ;$n is the lenght of string.
   If $N < 1 Then Return -1
   For $COUNTER = 1 To $N
      If Random() < 0.5 Then
         $ALPHA = Chr(Random(Asc("A"), Asc("Z") + 1))
         $ALPHA = Chr(Random(Asc("a"), Asc("z") + 1))
   Return $RESULT
EndFunc  ;==>_RandomText
Edited by ezzetabi

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ezzetabi made a nice find.

In the while no encryption plugin neither dllcall went out :o

Anyone know about a tiny command line tool that make compression too?

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