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first post - program for work

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Hey everyone, i discovered AutoIT about a month ago, and i've been working with it almost everyday since then...probably the most useful language ever written. So...here is the issue.

I've been given the wonderful task of writing a program for system administrators, most of whom know far less about computers and software than they should, that will take a straight-from-manufacturer computer and install a suite of software and windows hotfixes. Simple enough, I've got everything taken care of for all of the software that been released to date, and I've developed a way for these admins to easily add new fixes/programs to the routine, it even tells them which switches to use (i couldnt find a way to make the program find and apply the switches itself). The problem is that I can't get the program to wait for one installation to end before starting the next...runwait wont work with the update function because there is no way to forsee what processes or apps will have to be added in the future. I need a way to get the program to recognize "hey, this is a program i spawned, i need to wait for it to finish before moving on." but without being able to supply the process name. Here is what i have so far...if there is any way to clean things up a bit or if anyone knows how to acheive what i am looking for...please let me know.


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I have made a similar program and still am except it is far more complicated all I did to overcome this without chaning to much as make an array for all your programs that could be run at once than set values for each than when your process starts have it right to its variable say the key running with the value 1 than simply code the next to check to c if anything is set as running.

Though I do not know why you said runwait is not working as that has workd for me I just did the above as a backup measure incase there are anyproblems with runwait.

I didn't spend much time looking at your code as I am extremely tired and would probably rewrite sumthing wrong so. But anywho that is my suggestion or you could have it just write values to a ini in the temp dir and set the attribs to it hidden. Just another thought as they say there is more than 1 way to skin a cat.

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