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Working with Act Contact Database

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I did some searching but i'm comming up at a loss.

I'm pretty new to OLE/COM, never really did any of that.

I learn fast from examples, but i can't figure this problem out.

At work we have an ACT! 6.0 database for our contacts. and we have a Filemaker pro database for everything plus another contact database.

Our FMP database has the prospective customers. When we quote them or they purchase, we have to move them to our ACT database. Problem is, its a pain to copy and paste. I would like to work with COM objects, but i don't know how to attach an object using OBJGET - I have object viewer - but its very difficult to figure out - i downloaded the ACT! developers kit - which has examples in VB and C++ - and i gather some of what i have to do - but its not working.

The database is located remotely on a NAS server, don't know if that makes any difference. My script will be assuming that the user has the act database open and password has been entered so i don't need to do that.

Here is my sample script. I just am trying to see if it works, once i get this working, i can handle the rest easily.

; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
; AutoIt Version: 3.1.0
; Author:        Cassett
; Script Function:
;   Simple test to control ACT! database
; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

$oAct = ObjGet("","ACTOLE.DATABASE");found the class name in a VB sample script

With $oAct
    .Visible = 1

If someone could explain the ObjGet( with a sample of how ot use the "filename" instead of just classname, that may be valueable.

But there are no resources that i've seen with samples of using Objget("filename")

Thanks for the help!

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Yes, often times you dont get an object directly form a file but rather use a object from classname to open a file. A quick example to open a .mdb file-

$file=FileOpenDialog("Use what database",@ScriptDir,"database files (*.mdb)")

$oConn = ObjCreate("ADODB.Connection")

$oRS = ObjCreate("ADODB.Recordset")

$oConn.Open("Driver={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)};Dbq="&$file)

I'm by no means an expert either but maybe this helps? Edited by evilertoaster
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Thanks, but the thing is, that is for creating an object when you open the file

What about when the file is open

I know what the file is that is being opened

How do i get the object of an act contact database that is already open?

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By my understanding the database itself doesn't have an object...its just a file. You need to see if the provider for your database (in my case microsofts access driver" has objects you can use for that yype of database...you may neeed to check what kinda of objects the provider for your ACT database has...

just my view...

Edited by evilertoaster
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